Friday, August 21, 2015

Miss Singapore TV 2015 Episode 2: Flashmob + 23 finalists' first public appearance

Miss Singapore TV season 2015 episode 2 is out! Watch and share. Thanks! (Note: Unfortunately, this episode is not playable on mobile phones. Watch it on your computer.) On this episode, watch the finalists of Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2015 raise money for VSA, then the girls do their dance flash mob, show off their talent in the Talent segment and wow the audience at OneKM mall at their Fashion Showcase. Here are some photos.

With Tammy and Rachel

Vanessa, Apple and me

With my fav gals Sumini, Tammy, Apple and Vanessa.




More pics here: MSBP 2015 Fashion Show and MSBP 2015 VSA Charity Event albums on Flickr.

Drumming to Sweet Child on National Day

"Her hair reminds me of a warm safe place. Where as a child I'd hide. And pray for the thunder and the rain. To quietly pass me by." Here's the full video of me on the drums playing Sweet Child supported by the female Axl Rose on vocals during our National Day party talent show.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Miss Singapore TV 2015 Ep 1: Swimwear Photoshoot at Bintan Agro Beach Resort

Here's episode 1 of Miss Singapore TV season 2015. I had a fantastic time shooting this ep with the girls at ‪Bintan Agro Beach Resort‬. Had 3 days of footage to go through to cut this episode and sleepless nights of post production work. I hope the final product captured the fun and memories we had at Bintan.

In keeping with tradition started with Mrs Singapore TV 2015, I used the slightly edited Miss Singapore TV commercial that I shot starring the reigning queens Tammy Ng, Siyamala Vasavan and Jasmine Chye for the title sequence for Miss Singapore TV 2015.

I would like to thank ERM for organising the trip - boss Angela Tay and my Bang Bang Bang sisters, the very hardworking Jacqueline Wong, Xue Ting and Florence Lai, Walter Soh for the comedic moments on this ep, the very nice people at Bintan Agro Beach Resort for accommodating us and feeding us, Sindo Ferry - without them we had to swim to Bintan, friends at The Makeover Inc - Brenda Goh, Xuanz Tang, Lih Ming, the Vintage Studio boys Jeremy Soh, Ang Vincent and Gary Oliver and the lovely bloggers Mary Jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons and Ng Meishu.

And of course not forgetting the finalists of Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2015. You gals are the real stars of the show. Love you all. Enjoy episode 1 and the following pics and a bonus video found at the end of this post of me partying with the girls and crew on our last night in Bintan.


Apple and me at Bintan Cabana Beach Resort.

The girls get ready for their bikini shoot

With the ERM family

At Bintan Cabana Beach Resort

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Inside the Surprise Cave, Halong Bay

You must not miss a visit to Surprise Cave when you are at Halong Bay, Vietnam. At 12,200 square meters large, the magnificent cave has three compartments and a high ceiling with lots of stalactites in various shapes. The ceiling’s maximal height is 30 meters. Surprise Cave is decorated with stalactites like colorful chandeliers and the floor with plenty of rocks in diverse shapes of elephant, horse to tree, leaves, and flowers.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Panasonic G7 makes a great B-Cam for GH4

The new Panasonic G7's 4K footage is incredibly identical to GH4 and it is evident in this video shot using both cameras in CineD and then given a final grade. The G7 makes a good B-Cam for the GH4. Can you tell which is which? Watch it in 4K.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Miss Singapore "Walk Like A Beauty Queen" TVC Outtakes

Here are selected outtakes from Miss Singapore "Walk Like A Beauty Queen" TV commercial. The TVC aired on Mediacorp Channel 5 in Singapore. Shot using Canon EOS C100 Mark II and DJI Ronin.

And here's the final product. Watch the Miss Singapore Walk Like a Beauty Queen 15 secs TVC.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Indian newspaper calls me a National Celebrity

Indian newspaper calls me a national celebrity.

A fan from India sent me a newspaper article about me and my show Singapore Haunted (Do like us on Facebook). I remember giving an interview to the reporter 2 years ago but I never did get to read the finished story. Here's the article 2 years late but I'm very touched that the fan still sent it to me.

Indian newspaper calls me a national celebrity.

From the article:

Superstitious Singaporeans love a ghost story. From jilted lovers’ suicides to wartime executions, they are driving a business of exorcism and reality shows. “We get 10 to 30 emails from viewers each week, telling us about their paranormal experiences,” says IZ Darson, Producer of ‘Singapore Haunted’, a popular web TV series featuring paranormal investigators who explore the City-State’s “most haunted” locations.

He says three out of five Singaporeans believe in supernatural phenomena, including himself of late. “My investigations have totally changed my perception. I’ve been touched, I chased after shadows, I had things thrown at me, I’ve heard voices. I’m now a believer,” he says.

His online channel draws an average audience of 200,000 for its weekly show, and has made him a national celebrity.

Halong Bay: Beauty. Mystic. Paradise.

"Experience breathtaking beauty. Like no other. Where dragons descent into the sea. Creating a rock wonder that reaches out to the sky. Experience paradise. Halong Bay, Vietnam." Halong Bay: Beauty. Mystic. Paradise is written and directed by yours truly.

Halong Bay, a popular tourist destination in Vietnam, includes some 1,600 islands and islets, forming a spectacular seascape of limestone pillars. It is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and it is also one of New Seven Natural Wonders of the world.

Friday, June 05, 2015

My edit of BigBang's Loser music video

Here's my cut of Loser by BIGBANG. Loser is the first single from MADE, the third studio album by Big Bang. It marks their comeback after a 3-year hiatus. Watch it. I think it's a better edit than the original :op

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Spinning Hyperlapse Selfie at Ginza, Tokyo

Me spinning round and round outside Ginza station in Tokyo, Japan.

Transformers 4 Cars In Action hits 1 Million Views on YouTube

One million views! One million views! Thanks for watching this.

GH4 4K Photo Mode: Mrs Singapore 2015 Winners

GH4's 4K Photo mode allows the user to capture a high resolution 4K photo by cropping out a designated frame out of its 4K video. While filming Mrs Singapore 2015 Grand Final, I switched to the 4K Photo mode to try out its 4K photo capabilities. Watch the 4K video above of all the Mrs Singapore 2015 winners on stage.

4K Photo of the winners of Mrs Singapore 2015

You can view the high resolution photo grabbed from the 4K video on Flickr. Click the Download icon on the Flickr page and view the Original (3328 x 2496) photo. Pretty good, I have to say. Above is the smaller resolution pic.

Danny Koh Fire Illusionist in 96 FPS Slow Motion

Danny Koh, one of Singapore’s fastest rising stars of magic and Asia’s premier fire illusionist, performed at Mrs Singapore 2015 Grand Final. Here's him in action in slow motion captured using GH4 in 96fps and SmallHD DP7Pro LCD for monitoring.

Like Birds Like That - Mrs Singapore 2015 TVC Outtake

Here's an outtake from Mrs Singapore 2015 TVC that I directed. The commercial recently aired for a week on Channel 5. In this scene, Audrey Lim and her husband bring their kids across the steps at the playground. To encourage the kids, we had Jac standing at the other end with some treats. You can spot her hands in this wide shot and if you listen closely enough, you can even hear her say to the kids: "Biscuits! Biscuits!"

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Photos: Majestic Beach in Krabi, Thailand

Some photographs I took in Krabi, Thailand.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

50 Shades Of Grey in 1 Minute

Everyone is talking about the new movie Fifty Shades Of Grey. Just awhile ago I thought of an idea. Fifty Shades Of Grey In 1 Minute. Literally. Warning: The following contains scenes so grey that some viewers may find disturbing. LOL! Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

Friday, February 13, 2015

The busy streets of Hanoi Old Quarter in slow motion

Vietnam's famous Hanoi Old Quarter has 36 old streets buzzing with activity! Scooters, bicycles, cars and people all packed the streets from morning to night. I took out the GH4 and the Voigtlander Nokton 17.5mm lens to slow things down a bit. During my first time in Hanoi, the roads and traffic really shocked me. I have never seen so many scooters and motorbikes in my life! It took me awhile to master crossing the streets and roads in Hanoi. Like playing a video game. And now I'm a champ.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Canon EOS C100 Mark II Slow Motion Special Recording

Recently I shot with the new Canon EOS C100 Mark II for a TV commercial. Although there are no slow motion shots for the TVC, I've been testing the slow motion capabilities of the C100 MK II which now allows you to shoot in-camera 60P slow motion using a special recording function.

Above is video I did explaining how to record 60P slow motion in-camera using the Canon EOS C100 Mark II Special Recording.

And another video that compares 60P slow motion in-camera vs slow motion did in post. So how good is Canon EOS C100 Mark II 60p Slow Motion Special Recording? Based on my tests, slow motion via post (shooting in 60P and then converting to 25P in post) gives slightly better image quality.
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