Tuesday, August 29, 2006

CLEO has a blog!

Reader pinkdior (and girlie magazine addict) informed me today that CLEO Magazine Singapore has a blog written by its cute columnists. Here's one of the latest entries written about the Emmys. From CLEO:
It seems like we have an action-dominated winners' list this year with 24, Monk and Law & Order walking away with a few of the biggies. I guess soppy drama series are deemed as "lesser" by the judges. It took the last season of Sex and City to finally clinch the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy for SJP and Cynthia Nixon.

I don't understand why. The writing on these shows are just as excellent and personally, i feel it's harder to write and act in a comedy. You can't be overly slapstick - it's not a cheesy Hong Kong movie! - and you've got to nail the pathos of the situations that the characters are facing.

I guess these so called "soppy" shows speak more to me . Yeah 24 is absolutely gripping but it doesn't quite affect me like a thoughtfully written episode of Grey's Anatomy does, such as the recently aired eppy about a bomb trapped in the the body of a patient. Btw, Christina Ricci was brilliant in that too.
(Thanks pinkdior)


pinkdior said...

iz: you forgot to add , big iz reloaded fan too.

Bengster said...

Columinists chio leh.

Lord Kimbo said...

Female mags are just a waste of money. Full of ads!