Monday, August 21, 2006

Tammy has a blog

Remember Tammy, the Singaporean girl of the "Tammy NYP" sex video fame that hit the web and news earlier this year? Reader xXx tells me that she has a blog. xXx says, "She used to have an older blog but that was shut down after her sex video incident. This one is new. First entry is in April this year." In one of her latest entries, she talked about the pain that is menses. From Pretty Babe Me:
Argh! Why is it women to have menstration?! The pain is killing us! DarN!!! Why must it be a monthly thingy!?

Feel so weak. Whole body in pain. Cant sleep well. Hurts LOADS! GRRR! I hate to be woman! Rather 2 years of sufferings in NS than suffering from this pain from decades years!!

Guys are insensitive to our pain. It's not like tummy ache that kind ok! It's worst!

I feel like crying! *Sob Sob*
(Thanks xXx)

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defcow said...


that is her alright.

Boywonder said...

When is she coming out with her latest video? Kekeke.

Anonymous said...


queenie said...

Hopefully she doesn't loose her handphone again.

Mr Big said...

Great find! Judging from the pics, the gal is her unless it's someone pretending to be her.

Rickie said...

I'm trying to find if she wrote anything about her experience with the sex videos.

Bengster said...

She very like ahlian. I like.

Lord Kimbo said...

Even the boyfriend looks like the same guy as in her sex video.

Shy said...

Im sure she learned her lesson.