Thursday, December 21, 2006

Who stole Jesus' foreskin?

Forget about The Da Vinci Code, the real holy grail and one that makes a better movie is Jesus' foreskin which was stolen in 1983, in the small town of Calcata, near Rome. Now the question is. Who stole the holy foreskin? Must be the Vatican. From Slate:
Even before its disappearance, the relic had a strange history. It was discovered in Calcata in 1557, and a series of miracles soon followed (freak storms, perfumed mists engulfing the village). The church gave the finding a seal of approval by offering a 10-year indulgence to those who came to venerate. Lines of pilgrims stretched from the church doors to beyond the walls of the fortress town. Nuns and monks from nearby villages and monasteries made candlelit processions. Calcata was a must-see destination on the pilgrimage map.

That is, until 1900. Facing increasing criticism after the "rediscovery" of a holy foreskin in France, the Vatican decreed that anyone who wrote about or spoke the name of the holy foreskin would face excommunication. And 54 years later, when a monk wanted to include Calcata in a pilgrimage tour guide, Vatican officials didn't just reject the proposal (after much debate). They upped the punishment: Now, anyone uttering its name would face the harshest form of excommunication—"infamous and to be avoided"—even as they concluded that Calcata's holy foreskin was more legit than other claimants'.


Mr Big said...

How did they get a hold of Jesus' foreskin in the first place??!!!

r'chelle said...

this is so bizarre.

GeekGod said...

Can you imagine if the story is true?

And they use it to clone someone. That would be the greatest story ever told.

Mikael said...

Jesus was a Jew. All Jewish men goes for circumcision. Maybe someone kept his foreskin after the circumcision was done but yucks... of all things. And wouldn't the skin be all decomposed now?

Lord Kimbo said...

That has to be the most prized foreskin in the world.